Jeff Probst

Noura AlSabah


I personally screened HEAL in Kuwait as it talks about what I teach in my workshops, a holistic approach to wellbeing. Though it was after screening it & receiving feedback, that I got a glimpse of how many people here are suffering from psychosomatic illnesses & are stuck. HEAL gave my viewers & clients hope. HEAL challenged their old beliefs of their own power to heal themselves. HEAL expanded their awareness. And most importantly, HEAL motivated a lot of them to take a new step.

Gregg Braden

NYT Best selling author/speaker and host of Gaia's "Missing Link" TV series.

The better we know ourselves, the less fear we have about what life shows us, and the wiser our choices become. This film, Heal, is like a crash course in discovering what's possible for our bodies, and how to apply those possibilities in our lives.

Jenny McCarthy

It's a game-changer

Mira Sorvino

Seeing 'Heal' was a transformative experience. It gave me a new appreciation for the incredible power of the mind and our own ability to change our health. I was very inspired to look at my own life and body in a new way- from passivity to transcendent empowerment.

Cindy Heath

Real Beautiful | London, Ontario, Canada

As a health professional and educator, I have a responsibility to stay informed of the latest, most effective solutions for health and healing. The Heal Documentary offered a rare opportunity for me to awaken and empower those that attended my screening at the University of Western Ontario. I would encourage other educators to hold a screening to help open up conversations about what is new in the science of healing, for their students and clients. Healing can't happen without the right knowledge. Revealing some of the latest research and up-to-date technologies, the Heal Documentary contains the way to a 'miracle cure' that many are seeking.

At this time when disease is rampant... I urge all to experience this film and spread the word

Huffington Post

'HEAL' is the finest, most inspirational cinematic introduction to this world of healing I have experienced to date


Dheeshana Ameresekere

Theva Cuisine | Sri Lanka

When I saw the Heal documentary it felt so real to me as I have actually gone through healing myself by similar ways. Therefore sharing Heal with my community through actual real events that happened to me was an opportunity to give people hope, love and strength to know the immense power of healing through ourselves.

Cortney Martinelli

Shine Akron | Akron, Ohio

As a Reiki Master, I can honestly say HEAL is one of the most important movies I can share with my Reiki students and community. It explores the concept of healing on all four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The breadth and depth of the teachers in this movie is incomparable to anything I've seen. It's a must see for healers, teachers and anyone experiencing the manifestation of physical symptoms in their body.

Tye Smith, Founder & Chairman

Natural Partners | Scottsdale, AZ

What I love about the movie 'Heal' is that 'eye-opening' alternatives are professionally presented for health problems that are not adequately addressed in our current healthcare system. As an employer I believe it is worth showing to the work team to increase self responsibility in regards to wellness. As an inhabitant of this planet, I wish there were more films like 'Heal' to up-level our wellness choices.

Krista Griffin

Lewes, DE

Heal was an invaluable resource for our community. We are a collection of beach towns 2 hours from any major city so this information was brand new to many in our community.

Kristen Weisberg

Lake Forest, IL

After seeing the trailer for Heal, recognizing many of the speakers, I had to share with people that they can find their own health through individualized healing modalities whichever speak to them. That we are in control of our health not the health care system. Thanks to the producers for creating a forum for healing!