A Roadmap to Healing
A Heal Documentary and WellBe Collaboration

A step-by-step program designed specifically to help you get started on your healing journey, or take yours to the next level.
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Do you have nagging symptoms or a chronic disease you’d love to heal or reverse?

This step-by-step program was designed specifically for people like you, to help you get started on your healing journey, or take yours to the next level.

Learn and implement the research-backed, proven essentials for healing chronic symptoms and disease.

Everything from patient advocacy to mind-body medicine and everything in between.

Led by holistic patient advocate Adrienne Nolan-Smith, BCPA, and the filmmaker behind the famous Heal Documentary, Kelly Noonan Gores.

A Roadmap to Healing is a 9-module program drawing from everything we have learned from hundreds of experts we have interviewed, the latest research and science, Adrienne’s patient advocacy private clients and certification, and the thousands of members of our communities who have shared their successful healing stories with us.

The tools we have found to be the most effective for healing chronic health issues are easy to learn but more challenging to implement and do consistently, so our step-by-step 9-module approach introduces and helps you work on each critical aspect of a successful healing journey, one at a time.

At the end of this program:

You’ll have all the tools and resources you need to become the CEO of your health and create an environment in your body and your mind that is optimal for healing.
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As various chronic health issues came up for Adrienne and her family, she struggled to navigate the conventional healthcare system and integrative medicine world to get answers. She found the lack of communication, empathy, support, transparency, and a holistic approach in the conventional system to be disheartening.

Separately, she has found success healing and dramatically improving chronic illness and symptoms in her own life with integrative and naturopathic medicine. Looking back on these experiences, she wished she had known more about what the body needs to heal itself and how to harness your inner power to do those things, while at the same time navigating the conventional healthcare system to get what you need from it.

Kelly has had her own set of healthcare experiences for herself, her friends, and her family that caused frustration and didn’t get to the root of her chronic issues. She’s also seen her body’s own immense healing capabilities when she took a more holistic approach to heal chronic symptoms she experienced.

The Heal Documentary & WellBe A Roadmap to Healing Program will help you:

  • Understand all of the critical components involved in a successful healing journey, broken down
  • Implement each of these critical components into your daily life and habits
  • Get access to resources that will help you fast-track your healing journey
  • Be empowered to become the CEO of your health, and take action on getting the healthcare (both at home, and in the system) that you need
  • Go through the experience with others on the same healing journey, not to commiserate like many online chronic disease support groups, but to encourage and support each other (in a private Facebook group and on live webinars) as you tackle this life-changing challenge.
Your 9 Module Course Begins Now


  • 9 take-action modules (recorded video lessons, exercises, and tons of printable handouts and resources) released each week on each topic below
  • Program participant-only live webinars with Adrienne and Kelly (and perhaps a few surprise WellBe and Heal experts!) throughout the 8 official weeks of the program to ask questions as you go through the step-by-step healing process
  • 1 year of free access to the WellBe Non-toxic Product Database ($100 value!) for 1500+ curated and vetted nontoxic products, services, and brands at different price points that you can refer to whenever you need them
  • Free private Facebook group with others who are taking the program, in which you can ask questions and get support from your peers, and the WellBe and Heal teams!



Module 1: Introduction to A Roadmap to Healing
Our approach to designing this program, belief system around healing, statistics on chronic disease and the conventional healthcare system, how wellness and healthcare can come together, what the research shows really works for successful healing, clarifying and setting your goals and intentions for the program, what to expect from the program
Module 2: Getting to a diagnosis and the root causes of health issues
Understanding your genes, symptom tracking, the role of intuition, medical gaslighting, how to advocate for yourself, most common root causes of health issues, defining the different types of holistic doctors, how to find good doctors who listen and take a whole-body approach, things to look for when evaluating a doctor, questions to ask your doctor, which tests to get and how to track and understand them, insurance overview and how to get things reimbursed
Module 3: Reducing Your Toxic Burden and Inflammation
The seven stages of disease and the concept of toxin accumulation, your body’s natural detoxification process in the healing phase vs. healed phase, the places you’ll find the most toxins in your daily life, how to ensure your home environment, food, products aren’t full of toxins increasing your burden, understanding invisible disruptors and reducing exposure to them.
Module 4: Food, Nutrition, and Diet for Healing
Understanding bio-individuality, cultivating awareness and recognizing feedback from your body from different foods, using a food journal, an overview of therapeutic and/or elimination diets, the healing phase vs. healed phase for eating, what all therapeutic diets have in common (what to remove, what to include), grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, snacking
Module 5: The Microbiome and Role of the Gut in Healing
The role of microbes in the human digestive system, optimal gut bacteria balance, what enhances and kills, good microbes, what feeds and kills bad microbes, the gut-brain-hormone connection, how stress, trauma, and emotions impact the gut, and how gut microbes impact mood, mental illness, concentration, the gut-immune connection: how our microbes can either be our best defense or our worst enemy
Module 6: Daily Tools, Practices and Rituals for Healing
The role of detoxing in healing and supporting the gut, harnessing your mental power to heal, tapping into vibrations, resetting your central nervous system, what role your circadian rhythm and sleep play in healing and bodily functions including the liver, the role of movement and what kinds are best for what, lymphatic drainage, hydration and clean water, mindfulness/breath/meditation and the differences, nature, technology/devices, and vice control
Module 7: Medicine (Conventional and Natural)
The differences between conventional vs. natural medicine, statistics on prescription and over-the-counter drug side effects and interactions, risks of surgery, radiation, and medical error statistics, everything you need to know about supplements, herbs, essential oils, evaluating what’s in your medicine cabinet, an overview of other natural therapies/treatments that require practitioners and how to find and evaluate natural medicine practitioners
Module 8: The Role of Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health
The role of community and social support and how to get it if you don’t have it, the role of service and focusing on others, how to start, trauma healing, how to release suppressed emotions, the role of prayer in healing, how to connect with yourself and your intuition, the quantum model of causing an effect, tapping into frequency and energy fields, clarifying purpose, passions, the role of joy and positive emotions in healing
Module 9: Conclusion to A Roadmap to Healing
Putting it all together, where to focus more based on the past 8 modules, next steps in your healing journey, how to change your perspective on disease and you as a patient, what to do now, being empowered in your health for the rest of your life, dealing with setbacks and roadblocks in the healing process, how to be resilient, determined, and successful
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If you’re someone who is ready to become the CEO of your health, who is tired of not feeling your best, who wants to take control of your future, and rise to the challenge of healing your body and mind, then this program is for you.

A Roadmap to Healing is not for you if who don’t believe in a whole-body, root cause, or holistic approach to living and healing.


A Roadmap to Healing is open for enrollment anytime and runs for 9 modules, that usually you can do in 8 weeks, but you’ll have access to the program material indefinitely. Since the webinars will be recorded, you can choose to go at your own pace or finish in 8 weeks.

Your 9 Module Course Begins Now

A Roadmap to Healing: A WellBe & Heal Documentary Collaboration

9-week online program

Pay in Full: $333

Five monthly payments: $77


If you don’t feel heard or listened to in the conventional healthcare system, if you’re ever afraid to ask or tell your doctor things because he or she seems unconcerned, dismissive, or even belittling, if it doesn’t feel like a partnership with your desires taken into consideration, if your doctor doesn’t appear to care much about whether you actually fix your chronic health issues, just that your symptoms are managed…you are not alone.

This is the experience we have heard from hundreds of people we have interviewed and experienced ourselves.

On the other hand, the integrative and holistic medicine world can also be challenging to navigate, with many treatments and therapies not covered by insurance, many different kinds of practitioners, lots of questionable sources on the internet, and many conflicting opinions (Be vegan! Be paleo! Buy this supplement!).

This confusion can create overwhelm and make you feel hopeless that you’ll ever actually heal your chronic condition or reverse your symptoms.

The truth is: you don’t need to put up with the time-consuming, expensive healthcare or the “sickcare” system. Living with the chronic symptoms or condition you have now is not inevitable. You have the tools now to live a long, disease-free life, you just need to know which ones to harness, and put them to work.


The conventional healthcare system we have today evolved over the past 90 years and was set up to kill the infections that often took the lives of people far too young. It did that very successfully! The problems arose when that model was applied to diet-, stress- and lifestyle-related chronic health issues and diseases, which need a holistic approach to truly heal.

Then when the insurance system evolved after World War II, it added another layer of bureaucracy, which began to dictate the kind of treatment a patient received, rather than the best treatment for that patient. It also forced doctors to practice medicine in a fee-for-service way that encourages more surgeries, prescription drugs, radiation, and procedures.

These two factors — coupled with the fact that the last 70 years have been the unhealthiest in human history when it comes to the creation of toxins in products, food, air, water, and drugs — have created a perfect storm for chronic symptoms and diseases.

Your 9 Module Course Begins Now

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