Scholarships Given to Date:

Announcing our latest HEAL Helping Hands Scholarship:

We gave away 10 Scholarships to the: Weekend Immersion Retreat online with Rob Wergin

And 1 Special Scholarship for a: One one One session with Rob Wergin

The July 16th-18th, 2021 Immersion
A Rob Wergin One on One Session (Value $2500)
One on One is Online or in Person if in Los Angeles.

The Rob Wergin Weekend Immersion Retreat Online (Value $99)
Weekend Immersion is Online July 16-18th

Applications Now Closed

HEAL Helping Hands is here to support you on your healing journey and helped get you with one of our favorite Healers featured in HEAL, ROB WERGIN! We choose one recipient of the HEAL Scholarship to get a one on one with Rob, and then also chose 10 recipients to get the weekend immersions online retreat. All were chosen from the applications submitted.

Applications Now Closed


Feel free to share the HEAL HELPING HANDS page with loved ones, feel free to donate to help others receive a healing scholarship, and stay tuned for more offers.

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Announcing the HEAL Helping Hands Scholarship Recipients!

We were humbled and inspired by the number of powerful submissions to our first HEAL Helping Hands scholarship. We had almost 1000 people apply! Our intention was to give one scholarship, but the outpouring of so many incredible stories and the tremendous need for healing was absolutely overwhelming so we decided to offer THREE SCHOLARSHIPS that total over $9,000 in Scholarships.

Please help us congratulate the following recipients:

Jim Fackrell from Tonganoxie, KS. Jim is special forces veteran on a healing journey. While navigating his own pain he and his wife Janna Fackrell also run the Sacred Hearts Healing Center for veterans to help others heal.

We've also awarded a scholarship to Candace G. who is on her own profound path to healing. We wish them both love, light, and breakthroughs on their journey to Cancun to work with Dr. Joe Dispenza. 🙏

We realize how important it is to keep on giving in a time in history where so many people need extra love and support. The HEAL Helping Hands Fund is dedicated to raising more funds and supporting the HEAL audience with many more scholarships and opportunities like this Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop. You’ll soon see some ways YOU can contribute to the HEAL Helping Hands Fund including purchasing HEAL sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats! The HEAL Swag Store will be live next week and 100% of the profits will go directly to the HEAL Helping Hands Fund. Stay tuned for more opportunities to GIVE and RECEIVE!

You can also Donate directly to the Helping Hands Fund

Application Now Closed For:

The Dr Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop Weeklong Retreat*

(Value $1999)

Cancun Mexico - Feb 22 to 28th 2021

Submit your Application in the form below between:
1:00am PST Jan 27th and 11:59pm PST Jan 29th

Application Now Closed

HEAL Helping Hands is here to support you on your healing journey and help get you to Cancun with Dr. Joe! We will choose one recipient of the HEAL Scholarship from the applications submitted. Please keep in mind that we are in unprecedented CoViD times and traveling could put you at risk for exposure. We want everyone who submits to seriously consider the times and if they feel comfortable traveling, especially with any sort of immune-compromised condition. While Dr. Joe Dispenza and his team take every precaution to keep attendees safe, there will always be inherent risks with traveling.

If you feel confident that this particular Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Weeklong retreat in Cancun, Mexico is right for you, we look forward to your submission! Please also note that if you are selected, you will be required to complete the Dr. Joe Dispenza Progressive Course online before the start of the Advanced Weeklong. We will cover the cost of the Progressive, but you need to make sure you have ample time to complete the online course by February 21, 2021.

All of our decisions regarding scholarship recipients are made internally and not communicated to Encephalon or Dr. Dispenza. We will receive hundreds of applications and will only be able to determine one eligible recipient for this particular retreat. As such, below are some of the things we look for when considering the scholarship application submissions:

Here are 4 criteria we look for:

1.) Reason and Desire for attending.

2.) Health Challenge(s) (As students of this work, we don't associate any health issue with who you are, only what your body might be experiencing at any given moment.)

3.) Financial need

4.) Your own financial ability to travel to the event and take care of your own accommodations. We want to be sure you are successful at attending and participating. Traditionally, HEAL Helping Hands has not offered assistance with travel to or accommodations at the event, but we may be able to offer some support depending on your situation. Please note financial assistance beyond the Progressive and the cost of the Weeklong is not guaranteed.

Keep all of this in mind as you fill out the form that follows. Please know we will get hundreds of requests and we prioritize them based on the criteria above.

Should you be selected to move on to the next phase of the application process, we reserve the right to ask you follow-up questions pertaining to your situation.

Application Now Closed

Feel free to share this with a loved one or a friend that could really use the scholarship to the Advanced Weeklong Meditation Retreat. Tell them to come to this page and click on the link to apply.

1:00am PST Jan 27th and 11:59pm PST Jan 29th

Feb 1st LIVE by Kelly Gores and via email to our Heal Email List.

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