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“A must-read on your wellness journey.”

- Maria Menounos

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With more than double the content than the Heal Documentary, the Heal book is a beautiful reference guide for your healing journey.

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OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: October 22nd 2019

HEAL available in 15 languages worldwide and wherever books are sold!

(Published by Simon & Schuster and Beyond Words)

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“An exciting exploration into your unrealized healing potential.”

Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Physician, futurist, and author of The Clarity Cleanse


“The science, the esoteric solutions, and the heart intelligence bundled into Heal is the map to total wellness.”

Danielle LaPorte

Creator of The Desire Map Course


“Heal is what all us seekers have been looking for.”

Jamie Lynn Sigler



“Heal carries such a well-curated and inspiring message that I have all my clients read it as part of their birth prep homework.”

Lori Bregman

Doula and author of Mamaste and The Mindful Mom to Be


“I’ve always had a deep passion for wellness and living organically. Contained in this book are insights for anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Miranda Kerr

Supermodel and founder/CEO of Kora Organics


“Heal will open your mind and help you re-create your perception.”

Alejandro Junger, MD

New York Times bestselling author of Clean


“If you’ve been looking for the inspiration to jump your well-being to a whole new level, this book is it!”

Dawson Church

Award-winning author of Mind to Matter